In early 2021 the WPA3 Specification from the Wi-Fi Alliance has moved to eliminate the “Do Not Validate” certificates when connecting to a secured wireless network. This has been implemented in the newer Android devices running version 11 and will be rolled out to all Android devices over the next year. Other operating systems including Windows and Apple will be implementing this in the near future. The 9400 controller server has been updated to present a valid Certificate from a trusted authority which will allow these devices to connect. This page will be updated as software companies roll out the new security standards to different operating systems.

On February 22, 2020 the 9400 migrated to a new authentication system. The current WIFI SSID “9400WIFI” will remain active for all White Listed devices but this network will not allow user logins after February 22, 2020. Starting on February 22 all users should connect to the WIFI SSID “9400 Secure” using their current user ID and password.

The new WIFI SSID “9400 Secure” will show as a secured network to all devices unlike the old WIFI SSID “9400WIFI” which showed as an unsecured network. This will allow more devices to connect to the network including work related devices that had corporate security enabled. When a device authenticates to the “9400Secure” network the device will automatically reconnect without entering a user ID and password as long as, on your personal device, you select the option to “Automatically Connect to this Network”. Having to login every 7 days is not required as your device will handle the authentication with the controller as required in the background.

  9400 WIFI SSID Information

  Connecting Apple Devices to the 9400Secure

  Connecting Android Devices to the 9400Secure

  Connecting Chromebook to the 9400Secure

  Connecting Windows 10 & 11 to the 9400Secure

  Windows 7 Computers


  Rental Units

If you have trouble logging in;

1. Verify the User ID and Password are correct. Your User ID is your Unit Number or the assigned ID for renters.

2. Try forgetting the network on your Windows, Android or Apple device.
  How to forget a network on Windows 10.
  How to forget a network on Android.
  How to forget a network on iPhone/iPad.

3. Clear the cache from your browser.
  How to clear the browser cache on your Android device
  How to clear the Safari cache on your iPhone and iPad