9400 Communication Committee

Important information regarding the new 9400 Secure WIFI and the 9400WIFI.

On February 22, 2020 Landmark Wiring Systems migrated the 9400 to a secure WIFI and a new login authentication system. The name of the new secured WIFI is 9400 Secure. You will want to use the 9400 Secure WIFI for any device that requires you to enter a login and password (i.e. computers – see below if you still use Windows 7, tablets, phones, etc). The 9400 Secure WIFI will show as a secured network to all devices. This will allow more devices to connect to the network including work related devices that had corporate security enabled.

With the new 9400 Secure WIFI, having to login every 7 days is no longer required. When a device authenticates to the 9400 Secure network the device will automatically reconnect without having to reenter your user ID and password. To ensure that your device automatically reconnects you must select the option on your personal device to Automatically Connect to this Network. You will see this option, on your device, when you go to connect to the 9400 Secure WIFI.
The WIFI named 9400WIFI will remain active for all devices that do not require a login and password (ie. thermostats, smart TV’s, etc) and any device that is still using Windows 7. These devices will need to be whitelisted. A whitelist is a list of devices that are allowed/authorized to connect to the 9400WIFI. Only devices that will not allow a user ID and password will be whitelisted. To have a device whitelisted or authorized for the 9400WIFI you will need to send the MAC address of the device to Contact LT WIFI Support. Please note that if your device was whitelisted prior to February 22, 2020, and has been active on the network in the last 6 months, there is nothing that you need to do. These devices were migrated over and should still be connected to the 9400WIFI.

Windows 7
For Windows 7 users, as you know Microsoft discontinued support of Windows 7 earlier this year. If your computer is running Windows 7, it will no longer receive security updates. Therefore, due to security issues, Windows 7 devices will not connect to the 9400 Secure WIFI and will need to be whitelisted to be able to use the 9400WIFI. To have your device whitelisted please send your MAC address to Contact LT WIFI Support

Rental Units
Due to devices being able to save passwords Landmark Tech has added the ability for an Owner or Rental Agency to create a temporary user with a set expiration date for renters. This process is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. If you are using our in-house realtor, Coastal Resort, they have agreed to take care of this for the units that they rent. Otherwise, it is up to the owner to reach out to their Rental Agency to see if they will take care of this for them. If your rental agency will not do this for you then it is your responsibility. It is highly recommended that you do not give your personal/primary login and password to renters. Go to Add Temporary User to access this feature, you will need to login in with your Unit Number and current Password to create a temporary user.

If you have questions regarding the 9400 WIFI most can be answered by going to the LT WIFI Support page. If after accessing the help page, you are still unable to resolve your issue or have additional questions, please send your question or concern to Contact LT WIFI Support.
Please use Landmark Tech as your first line of support.
The 9400 office does not support the building WIFI.

Last Edited on 9/8/2023